Curbside Pickup

We offer a curbside pickup option every Saturday morning! If you choose this option, you will:
1. Place your order every Wednesday by 11:59pm
2. Plan to pick up your market order between the hours of 7a-12p Saturday morning on the east side of the market property: 5757 North Central Ave Phoenix AZ 85012
3. Pull into the curbside parking area; follow the text/call directions on the curbside sign, stay in your car, we will bring your order out to you.
4. There is no extra charge for curbside pickup.
5. There is no tipping for this service.
6. We clean up our areas and leave the property at noon. Any order not picked up by 12p will be donated with no refund available.

Home Delivery

We have partnered with DiLandri Family Foods for refrigerated Home Delivery! If you choose this option, you will:
1. Place your order every Wednesday by 11:59pm.
2. Select Home Delivery. (There will only be one delivery time available for you to select as we deliver based on ZIP code)
3. Be home and prepared to receive your delivery on Saturday in this manner:
a) DiLandri Family Foods will drop the order off at your doorstep and ring the doorbell, then go back to the delivery truck.
b) Once inside the delivery truck, they will send one text to the phone number provided, confirming that the order has been dropped at your doorstep.
c) If no one is home, they will need to move on to the rest of the delivery route -- your items will be left on the front doorstep, after which we will not be able to guarantee perishable items.
d) This is a hands-free operation; everything has been prepaid, nothing to sign onsite, a copy of your invoice will be tucked inside your order, no cash tipping for this service.
Stay safe and thank you for your support!

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